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With these two alphas, a curvy girl will need all the luck she can get.

Michelle Ross always brings her lucky charm bracelet along for the ride when she's chauffeuring shifter clients for Mirage Confidential. So when a bodyguard refuses to let her onto the luxury jet where she's supposed meet her client, the billionaire werewolf Aaron Duval, she's forced to get creative. And ends up barging in on one of the sexiest things she's ever seen. Aaron Duval and Jackson Smith, two drop-dead gorgeous males, are locked in a passionate kiss no one else was supposed to witness. Now there's going to be consequences. Too bad this time she left her lucky bracelet behind in the limousine...

Alpha Aaron Duval can't believe things have gone this wrong. Even though he runs successful security firm providing bodyguards for the rich and powerful, one beautiful human woman has just evaded his guards and crashed his kiss. A kiss with his business rival and ex-lover, Jackson Smith, a man Aaron's wolf still considers his mate. Now Jackson is claiming the human is a spy, that Aaron is plotting something underhanded, and he's demanding a hearing before the High Shifter Council. In Chicago. Tonight. Oh, and the curvy chauffeur? Jackson's practically kidnapped her to stop her from talking to the media about their kiss. One thing is certain—this is no way to impress a woman his wolf is also claiming as a mate.

Jackson knows right away the hot little BBW is two things: his mate and big trouble. Even if she's not a reporter, he can't risk her selling the story of him kissing his business rival to a gossip rag right before he expands his security company. Unfortunately, that leaves him in conflict with his inner wolf. The stubborn beast believes both his ex-lover Aaron and Michelle are his mates. But Jackson's not above pulling out every trick in the book to win. He has that alpha pride after all. And if that means a fight in the ring with Aaron to prove himself right, well, he hasn't trained half his life as a mixed martial artist for nothing...

Reader note: contains m/m/f ménage and erotic romance elements, BBW and billionaires, shifters, and male male love

27 October
Etopia Press
Wolf Hill Publishing, LLC

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