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The second title in the 'Essential Boot-camp Series', 'Essential Tips To Create A Modern Standout CV' takes the familiar no-nonsense approach from 'Emarketing Boot-camp' and applies it to CV writing. You won't find any long-winded descriptions of the history of the CV here; no waffle about trends and fashions that aren't relevant to writing your CV; and no nonsensical guarantees about how 'this book will get you the job you want'.
Instead you will find two things. Firstly an honest approach to writing CV's. A CV won't get you a job; but a well-written CV will greatly improve your chances of getting an interview; and the tips in this book are designed to do exactly that. Secondly you will read some proven, non-gimmicky techniques for promoting your CV to the right employers.
The book comprises three sections.
'About your CV' focuses on the preparation you need to do before you even think about starting to write your CV.
'Writing your CV' gives you guidance on different types of CV; how and when to use those different formats; and guidance on layout and content.
'Targeting your CV' examines the use of jobs boards, and how to get the right recruiters to see your CV. It also covers speculative applications, together with further guidance on CV content once you've chosen the job you want to target.
You also will read useful, actionable advice on cover letters and personal statement.
Like all 'Essential Boot-camp' titles, this book does not do the work for you; it's up to you to make the effort and follow the tips you are given. There are far too many ‘quick-fix’ ebooks out there that want to make CV writing look easy. It isn’t. But 'Essential Tips To Create A Modern Standout CV' will make the job more straightforward and increase your chances of success – if you are prepared to put in the work.

Business & Personal Finance
23 August
Anthony Morgan-Clark
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