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Cycling Around Britain is an e-book series aimed at the cyclist who wants more than just an internet route to follow. It is for cyclists of all abilities and ages, from a simple 10 mile route suitable for kids, to the lung busting 100 mile routes for the more serious cyclist.

The different routes are written to suit all types of bicycle, from specialist bikes such as mountain bikes and road racers to the everyday bike that most people own. They may be urban routes, nature routes, mountain routes, or any other manor of routes that are available in the local area. They are also intended to help search out routes that are not normally featured in the usual literature so taking you along some hidden gem.

As the reader is taken on the ride, places of interest will be highlighted and the history of the surrounding area and buildings will be developed. Don't worry though, the state of the paths and the terrain will also be there for you so you can judge whether it is suitable for kids, the elderly and the disabled. Pubs, cafes and tea shops along the way will be mentioned so you can plan in a stop.

The series will also feature photos of the route so you shouldn't get lost!

This guide takes you on a circular ride across the edge of the Nottinghamshire/Derbyshire border. Starting and ending at the Attenborough Nature Reserve on the edge of Nottinghamshire, this 16.5 mile journey takes you along the rivers and canals of Attenborough, Sawley, Long Eaton, Stapleford, and Trowell before the climb up the Hemlock Stone hill and back through the cycle paths of Chilwell before arriving back at the Nature Reserve.

Time to complete:It is a fantastic round trip which takes about an hour and a half, but if you choose to stop at the various pubs, cafes and tea shops along the way, then it could take all day.

The state of the paths:The paths are very well maintained along 95% of the route and even where it is not perfect they should not be a problem for most types of bicycle.

On road or off road: Of the 16.5 miles, only about 1.5 miles is on any form of public road, and even then they are minor roads. Most major roads that need crossing have a green man to get across. This makes the route very suitable for kids.

The terrain: The route is flat for 95% of the journey. There are two big hills to go up towards the end of the route, but they are no more than 400 metres each so even if you had to get off and push it should not put you off going on the route.

Things to look out for: The Attenborough Nature Reserve Bird Hide, the narrow boats going about their business, the chimneys in the industrial heart of Long Eaton, the wildlife along the route from start to finish and the Hemlock Stone itself.

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29 November
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