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The Sunday Times and New York Times Bestseller. Although Jodie is only eight years old, she is violent, aggressive, and has already been through numerous foster families. Her last hope is Cathy Glass…

Cathy, an experienced foster carer, is pressured into taking Jodie as a new placement. Jodie's challenging behaviour has seen off five carers in four months but Cathy decides to take her on to protect her from being placed in an institution.

Jodie arrives, and her first act is to soil herself, and then wipe it on her face, grinning wickedly. Jodie meets Cathy's teenage children, and greets them with a sharp kick to the shins. That night, Cathy finds Jodie covered in blood, having cut her own wrist, and smeared the blood over her face.

As Jodie begins to trust Cathy her behaviour improves. Over time, with childish honesty, she reveals details of her abuse at the hands of her parents and others. It becomes clear that Jodie's parents were involved in a sickening paedophile ring, with neighbours and Social Services not seeing what should have been obvious signs.

It’s clear that Josie needs psychiatric therapy, but instead Social Services take Jodie away from her, and place her in a residential unit. Although the paedophile ring is investigated and brought to justice, Jodie’s future is still up in the air. Cathy promises that she will stand by her no matter what – her love for the abandoned Jodie is unbreakable.


'Cannot fail to move those who read it.' Adoption-net

‘Heartbreaking.' The Mirror

‘A truly harrowing read that made me cry.’ The Sun

'A true tale of hope. ****.' OK!

‘Foster carers rarely get the praise they deserve, but Cathy Glass’s book should change all that.****’ First Magazine

‘A hugely touching and emotional true tale.’ Star Magazine

About the author

Cathy has been a foster carer for over 25 years, during which time she has looked after more than 150 children, of all ages and backgrounds. She has three children of her own; one of whom was adopted after a long-term foster placement. The name Cathy Glass is a pseudonym.

Cathy has written 24 books, including bestselling memoirs Cut, Hidden and Mummy Told Me Not To Tell.

19 January
HarperCollins Australia Pty Limited

Customer Reviews

SEDD73 ,


Another brilliant book. As you read on, you feel the emotions of all involved. Yes as much as I love reading the books and can't put them down, reality is that these books are based on children's real lives and it's horrible to know that they've been treated this way. These poor children have not been cared for by the people they should be able to trust and love the most. It truly amazes me that people like Cathy and her family do such an amazing job and restore some humanity to their lives.

SamHazArch ,

From Sam

Amazing!!! I couldn't put it down. Cathy is so strong and such a fantastic foster carer. I just can't believe what Jodie went through.

Alexenia1 ,


Such a sad story showing the realities of the animals of our society and how damaging their actions can be. A truly remarkable story of such a loving woman with a giant heart. Very inspiring

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