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"A collection of inspiring, heart-warming, touching stories that will make you laugh, and reflect."
Do you like true stories? Of people like us who go through extraordinary situations?
In this book Dr. Iñaki Vázquez brings together the most surprising cases he has experienced over the course of his career as a psychiatrist and psychotherapist.
Related in the style of Oliver Sachs's "The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat," each reveals a part of the world of psychology.

Inspirational stories that unveil the functioning of the mind, of the human being, and ultimately, of ourselves.
Let Julio "the Conscious Statue," Marisa "the Amphetamine," and Zapatones "the Learned Lunatic" join you for a trip full of surprises and personal growth!
A book that will no doubt surprise you…

"I have had the good fortune to be able to read your book. It has been an experience that has taken me through a variety of emotions, accompanied by a perpetual curiosity to know how it ends. Thank you for writing and sharing something so lovely. I have found so much beauty in how you describe the essence of being human!
Simply, thanks."
Eva María.

"Today it is essential to surround ourselves with people and stories that touch our hearts, that inspire us, that help us live better.
Dr. Vázquez gathers together stories that help us grow!
Totally recommended!!"
Javier Rivero Díaz, no. 1 author on Amazon with "How to Improve Your Economy in Less Than 7 Days."

"Thank you for giving us the privilege of reading these stories. They are really captivating."
Greg & Yucelyn Turek (www.zythem.com) translators of the English version.

Body, Mind & Spirit
30 May
Iñaki Vázquez
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