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Dark Love: A Dark Romance Duet includes both parts of the Dark Love series.

Dark Love: Part One

Charlotte couldn't escape … from the prison Raymond put her in or from the dark love she found with him. Especially when she realized that the darkness was inside her too...

I ran away from my crap life of stripping and living with my father in a trash heap of a trailer. 
I thought I was headed toward freedom but I woke up in another prison. 
A prison that was built just for me.
He knows things about me that no one should.
He sees things in me that I can’t see.
I don’t want to be here.
But I don’t want to leave him either. 
He’s a monster for keeping me prisoner.
But I’m a monster too for loving the dark, dirty things he does to me. 

I know I messed up. 
I’ve been alone in this house for far too long.
Alone except the servants that skulk around in the darkness.
But then I found Charlotte and I had to have her. 
I had to take her. 
I have to make her mine.
Now I don’t want to live without her.
But if I can’t convince her to stay …
they won’t let either one of us live. 

Dark Love: Part Two

Even though she was free, Charlotte found herself in another prison. She was a prisoner inside her own heart.

I set her free.
I let her walk out that door, but now she’s in grave danger. 
And it’s all my fault.
If they kill her it will be because of me. 
I have to find her … and bring her back.
I don’t want to live this life if it’s without Charlotte.

No matter where I go I’m in a prison of some kind. 
My father’s trailer …
A jail cell …
Even this beautiful island feels like a prison.
But I know that the prison cell I’m really in is inside me. 
I want Raymond’s love … I need it.
But I’m afraid that the only way I can truly have it is to let him go. 

Dark Love: A Dark Romance Duet is the complete series and has a HEA. It includes scenes that some may find disturbing and is intended for mature readers.

26 October
JB Duvane
Draft2Digital, LLC

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