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Rick’s eyes narrow and his voice goes hard and dead. “There are things I can’t talk about, Jerry. Sometimes it’s best to just let sleeping dogs lie.”
“Yeah. Until someday those dogs wake up and bite your ass.”
Maybe I shouldn’t have said that, but it was out of my mouth before I had time to consider.
Rick turns away from me, so that I can’t see his face. “I can’t go there. It hurts too damn much.”

Over breakfast on a lazy morning, Rick and Jerry start reminiscing about their lives.
Jerry will finally find out what Rick is hiding under his T-shirt. But it won’t be easy and it's not nice.
However, along with the angst, there will also be --what else? -- some interludes of hot sex.

If you like reading about sex between men, but would also like to see something more than just sex, you’ll enjoy “Date with the Past”, Book Five in the Rick&Jerry Series. It's gay male erotica, part romance and part adventure, with a large helping of hot sex added in for good measure.
Although the series is best read in order, I’ve tried very hard to make it possible to start anywhere.
My goal in writing this series is twofold: In each book, I intend to come up with differing ways that my protagonists can enjoy each other’s bodies, while at the same time adding psychological, emotional, and sometimes action/adventure on top of that.
I hope you’ll decide to follow along with Rick and Jerry while they pull their lives together, face their fears and failures, and search for their dreams.

Fiction & Literature
23 November
Karl Five
Smashwords, Inc.

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