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You might be wondering how you’ll know when your playboy ways are coming to an end. For some it might be an unexpected pregnancy (ahem… you know who), for others it might be finally landing the one woman you’ve always wanted (cough… I won’t mention any names). For me, it was the death of my mentor and the subsequent reading of his will.

The signs were there, they always are. But I didn’t notice them until it was too late, and my demise was complete.

Demise Sign #1 – You find yourself thrust into the land of responsibility and you don’t immediately hightail it out of town.

Demise Sign #2 – Despite being stuck with the world’s biggest Jekyll & Hyde, some sadistic part of you actually enjoys spending time with her.

Demise Sign #3 – Your family suddenly stops wanting to weigh in on every decision in your life.

Demise Sign #4 – Somehow you end up being the voice of reason in your tumultuous partnership.

Demise Sign #5 – You start thinking of other people before yourself.

Demise Sign #6 – You agree to put yourself in the middle of an Alaskan reality TV show that has both of you sleeping in the same tent.

Demise Complete.

19 November
Piper Rayne
Piper Rayne, Inc.

Customer Reviews

Marina Skinner ,

An amazing adventure with laughs!

Denver Bailey's story was an amazing adventure with laughs and all the feels.
He has solidified a place in my heart as my favourite Bailey. Denver is Rome's twin and these two men couldn't be more different.
Denver surprised me, especially when he comes across as a playboy in previous books but you can't help but love everything about him in this one!
When push comes to shove he is a caring and attentive man but with an incredibly soft side and it was such an amazing ride that I didnt want it to end. What is he really afraid of??
When he finds out Chip left him and Cleo part of the business, needless to say the banter is fantastic,
wtih sizzling chemistry and there are also moments where you may shed a tear.
All in all, this is my favourite book of the series and I cannot wait to see what this amazing duo of authors writes next.
Brilliance doesnt even begin to describe my feelings on this captivating book of emotions!

Erin Lewis aka Maimeo's ,

Loved it

I love small town romances and often find myself wishing that I could be a part of the Lake Starlight, Alaska community and I happily admit I would love to be a friend of The Bailey family. I have fallen more and more for the Bailey’s and their circle of friends as each book in this series releases.

I know when I pick up a Piper Rayne book that there is going to be plenty of humour, there’s no question, but this book had so much more than just humour. Demise Of A Self-Centered Playboy is full of love and family and ticked all the boxes for me as I was riveted from the first to the last chapter.

Denver has always been the outrageous Bailey, always up to mischief and getting into trouble. However after the death of his mentor and friend, we see a more serious side to the fun loving Denver we have come to know and love. Denver is shocked to learn that Chip has left him half his business in partnership with his daughter Cleo.

Cleo Dawson, who we met in a previous book is the perfect woman for Denver, if only they don't kill each other first. She is feisty, spunky and determined not to give an inch and Denver is intrigued with her. The banter between them had me almost in tears at times, such was the humour. The chemistry between the two is so intense, that you can almost feel the sparks flying.

Initially I wasn’t that keen on Cleo but as the book progressed I could see how “lost” she was and my heart went out to her, and to Denver. There is so much more to Denver than I ever expected and I was impressed with how he grew throughout the story.

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