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Everyone lives a lie.

It replays in my head, the moment of my greatest shame. I'll never escape it. With an exhale, I let go of everything. I fall endlessly, waiting for the sudden stop. Hell would be a welcome respite.

A hollow husk of the woman she used to be, Hannah hides from her pain with any alcohol she can find. She’s bleeding out from wounds no one sees. No one but Merdon, a dark fey with a violent history of his own, who’s determined to keep her from the one thing she wants most. Death.

She doesn’t understand why he cares about her or her addiction. It’s not like he’s nice to her. Yet, he’s relentless in his determination to show her there’s something to live for. If she can find a way through the pain she might just see what Merdon already knows: Second chances are rare.

3 November
M.J. Haag
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Customer Reviews

AmandaWhite86 ,

Loved it

Straight off the bat, and as MJ Haag has said, this book is much darker and more serious than the others in the series. And I loved it! I think it showed diversity of characters and delved into the fact that not everyone copes the same way with trauma. It would be boring if all the characters in the books were the same, and I commend MJ Haag for her ability to write characters with such distinctive personalities.

But just because the book focused on some real issues that were more serious, didn’t mean the book didn’t have the same great writing style and the hot chemistry I’ve come to associate with this series. I didn’t always agree with Merdons actions and I didn’t always like how Hannah reacted or did things. But I feel like they were perfect for each other and the sexy time scenes were hot hot hot.
I’m also loving the overall story arc progression and am seriously hoping we get another three books at least for this series!! (Tor!! Emily! Molev!!!).
Highly recommend the whole series!

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