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“Destroying the Sacred Cows of Today’s Religion - A Guide to the Spirit Filled Life” is a religious book in the “Christian Life / Spiritual Growth” genre. The book was written as a directive from God. This book communicates an urgent message from God:

“God is tired of dead churches that deny his supernatural power”

Millions of people around the world make a “decision for Christ” each year, although many of these do not have a real life-changing experience; nor can their lifestyle be distinguished from that of non-Christians
The goal of this book it to teach the reader how to receive the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit and then to live the Spirit-filled life. The author describes a true born-again experience that will radically change the reader's lifestyle forever. The author challenges many of the “sacred cows” (or traditions) of today churches, and challenges readers to see if they can find their church's doctrine or teachings in the Bible. Readers of this book will learn how to experience the true, supernatural, book of Acts, outpouring of the Holy Spirit!
In Part 1, the author instructs on how to experience the true power of God. He teaches the reader how to receive the “day of Pentecost” in-filling of the Holy Spirit, as describe in the book of Acts. These instructions include many scripture references and examples of how one will feel after completing each of the steps.
In Part 2, the author challenges many of the “sacred cows” (or traditions) of today churches. Some church teachings have been taught for so long and by so many people that everyone assumes that they are Bible based. Readers are challenged to see if they can find their churches doctrine or teachings in the Bible. Biblical answers are provided for many of the “frequently asked questions” regarding our Christian salvation such as:

• Do I Have to Clean Up My Life Before God Will Save me?
• Once Saved, Always Saved?
• Do I have to be a Member of a Specific Church to Be Saved?
• Are Works Required for Salvation?
• Are We Still under the Law?.
• Are There Sins God Will Not Forgive?.

Life, after receiving the Holy Spirit is very exciting. In Part 3, the reader is given instructions for living the “Spirit-filled life. Readers are not given a list of rules, but they are taught the tools that are essential for living the Spirit-filled life, such as:

• How to know when God speaks to us
• Learning to pray
• How to study the Bible
• Understanding spiritual warfare

"Destroying the Sacred Cows of Today's Religion" is described as a concise, easy-to-read guidebook that will be especially helpful for new Christians who need to learn the basic principles of Christianity. This book gives detailed instructions on how to receive the Holy Spirit and live the “Spirit-filled” life. If you are tired of “dead” churches and are ready for a radical change in your life; then read and follow the instructions given in this book!

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17 May
Paul D Roddy
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