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A heart is something that should not be entrusted to me. 
I will tear, crush, and destroy it with my very own hands. 
Then back away with a smile on my face. 
It’s who I am—a killer, a player, a joker. 
But hers, I’m unsure about. 
Do I want to rupture and rip it from her chest? 
Or do I want to hold and capture it with my own?

21 September
T.L Smith
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

RobynlC3 ,

Sensational series ending

Dismissed is a book that definitely shouldn't be dismissed. Book 4 is every bit as good as the first three books in this series. TL Smith is one of my favourite authors and she amazes me with her creative talent and fabulous use of words to paint clear pictures for her readers to visualise and feel like they are a part of the story.

Anton is the playboy of the bratva leaders who is convinced he will never marry and doesn't believe in love. Samara is a hard worker who is paying for he sister, Raven's, education as a doctor. Anton and Sam meet and things are explosive.

The somber and serious elements are threaded throughout as well as some typically gruesome parts but it is a bratva story after all. What balances this is the sensational humour in the storyline, for example when Raven answers Anton..
“Oh, that’s easy, just don’t talk, she already thinks you’re a firecracker in the sack. It’s purely your voice that annoys her.”
And when he shamelessly embarrasses Cam...
Anton picks up the cucumber and looks to me. “This one is for eating this time, okay?” My face goes bright red, and my hand covers my mouth.
So funny I had to laugh out loud and read bits out to my husband who also chuckled.

This is not a roller coaster ride of emotions but more of a merry-go-round as it is a smoothly written book that is fast paced and my only complaint is that I've finished the series! I do think this wonderful author should write a book about Anton's sister, Alyona, pretty please 🙏🏼!

Librenjady ,

Smooth Talkin Anton

Ok I've needed some time to put into words my thoughts on Dismissed...

Firstly I want to say that I have been an absolute fan of these #SmirnovBratvaBoys from Day one and this series will always be one of my top reads, I adore these boys. I was super excited to finally get to look into the world that makes Anton tick and T.L. Smith once again nailed it.

Anton throughout the series has been the wise talking Smooth talker that will have you cracking up laughing one minute and melting your panties off the next. You see out of all the boys he knows how to take care of himself and he will never disappoint you In the bedroom. In Dismissed Anton really comes into his own, he is a love em and leave em kinda guy, because he doesn't do relationships but when he meets the seductive Samara well let's just say things get a whole lot of interesting and fast.

I loved Anton's book, T.L. Smith knows how to write her Bad Boys and if you've read them you will know what I'm talking about when I say I'm addicted. You can expect super hot scenes, some cleverly written Banter not only with Sam but between the boys too, I'm super bummed that this is the last we will see of these Bratva Boys, I'm hoping it's not.

Do yourself a favour, grab your copy you will not be disappointed, this book and this series is one of my all time top reads by T.L. Smith.

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