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When we actually understand who Jesus Christ is in our lives, then He will certainly direct the personal choices that we always make daily and we will be able to avoid awful choices, like polygamy, which is one of the major foes in our homes. When our choices are God’s choices, then we will surely have the good idiosyncrasy. For most of us, we have always been taught from a young age that a normal relationship should be between two different people of opposite sexes only. Anything beyond that is no longer considered health. That is called polygamy. And I wish to present to you a few pros and cons of polygamy: Few pros of polygamy: It gives people freedom of choice when it comes to marrying whom they love. It offers the husband more prestige and He will also have more options when it comes to sexual companionship, which makes him the envy of his peers. It provides a better supports system and this eliminates the risk of depression among the members, especially the children. It guarantees financial stability of the household, which will then have more income, which can be shared by everyone. It has an abundance of love, when you have children from all spouses, and you will have even more love to last you a lifetime. It prevents adultery and reduces adultery to a non issue and prevents the temptation of cheating on your spouse. Few cons of polygamy: It can be the cause for abuse of power simply the man might think that he can be unfair to his wives just because they have consent over the relationship. It brings jealousy then favoritism among your children can also cause jealousy and emotional distress. It could prevent a person from spending quality time or this can also cause problems in the long run, especially when it comes to the younger ones, emotional development. It can lead to abuse which can lead the wives to becoming more submissive to their husband, fearing that they might be replaced with a new wife. It affects the children most, so children might tease them for having more than one mother in their house. It could make women feel neglected, one of the wives could get hurt, especially when the man in the house brings in a new wife. Note: Polygamy can encourage the idea that women are considered objects that men can owe. Eventually, this can lead to abuse.

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21 August
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