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Whether you want to re-head a djembe or build one from scratch from a raw shell, this book takes you though every step of the process. You will learn everything you need to know, including how to select a shell and prepare it for heading, how to choose rope and lace up the drum, how to match the shell with a suitable skin, and how to fit the skin and bring it up to tension. The book also includes detailed information on the tools you will need, as well as tuning and maintenance advice, so you will get the best possible sound out of your drum.

Besides showing you how to do it, the book also points out common pitfalls and mistakes, so your first drum building experience will be a successful one. The book includes:

• Over two hours of videos that show every step of the process in detail

• Over 120 illustrations and diagrams

• Extensive glossary with explanation of over 90 technical terms

• A rope calculator that takes the guesswork out of estimating how much rope you will need

• Extensive explanations of construction techniques, including topics on wood selection, rope materials, different knotting techniques, skin and shell repairs, essential and optional tools, tuning, and maintenance.

Written by an experienced drum maker, this book is the most complete and detailed tutorial and reference in existence. Re-heading or building your own djembe is fun, easy, satisfying, and saves you money. Get started today and be a drum maker before you know it!

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4 May
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Customer Reviews

goon bag bob ,

Bob Russo

I highly recommend this book to all djembe enthusiasts. Clear,concise instructions followed up with diagrams, photos and videos, along with a few 'trade secrets', make this book a necessary tool for anyone wanting to re-skin or rebuild a djembe.

djembenut ,

Really good

I put a skin on my drum once before, but it didn't turn out great. I had the rings tilted and the skin broke soon after, and I had it fixed by someone else. A friend told me about this book and I decided to give it a go. I just tuned my djembe after following Michi's instructions. Turned out just great! I'm glad I decided to give it another go and I'm really proud of new djembe :)

The instructions in the book are really good. The videos helped me a lot. I got stuck once because I wasn't sure which way to close the rope and used the method with the loop in the end because that looked simpler. Might try the other way next time. Anyway this book was worth it. Just saved myself over $80 by doing it myself, yea :)

Wayne Alford ,

Djembe Construction review

I have been building drums for 3 years and would not be at the stage of development I am without Michi's advice. He has a comprehensive knowledge of different facets of drum making, both from a practical and scientific view point. I have seen several of the videos included in this book thanks to Michi's helpful and giving nature, and the format and presentation is clear, concise and extremely helpful. I would have no hesitation in purchasing this book to get those finer points in taking my djembe making to the next level, when it is available in another format - no ipad, sorry!!