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The ninth instalment from the internationally bestselling Dork Diaries series! Perfect for fans of Wimpy Kid, Tom Gates, Jacqueline Wilson and James Patterson.

TOTAL DISASTER!!! Mean girl MacKenzie has stolen Nikki's diary! What if she tells everyone Nikki's totally secret thoughts?!

But reading Nikki's diary isn't the only thing MacKenzie's interested in. Get ready for Dork Diaries with a twist as MacKenzie takes over and tells all about her GLAMFABULOUS life! What does the queen bee really think about Nikki and her dorky friends?

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Young Adults
4 June
Simon & Schuster UK
Simon and Schuster Australia Pty Ltd.

Customer Reviews

randoscali ,

Dork Diaries, Drama Queen

This book is very entertaining and extremely exciting but you don’t really focus on one idea. That’s why I give it four stars ⭐️.

unicorn raindow glitter🦄🎆💕 ,

A very good book

This book is very very good but i Found that The bit where McKenzie stole her diary was very long and she rambled a lot. But It is Mackenzies personality but it went for a long time and I missed Nikki but it just made me more excited to read it because then Nikki will be back. It is an extraordinary book. Good job. I’ve always wanted to read this book but I couldn’t find it in the shop I have most of the other dork diaries but this one was only available on here and it was not as expensive as bookshops. I feel like dork diaries always make me happy. Thank you for making them. You’re doing a very very good job at making all of these books for little kids and big kids can enjoy. It is for everyone. You are not leaving anybody out for my age this is a brilliant book and not too hard but not too easy. I can tell that my reading has developed very very much and it is because of this book. I cannot stop reading this book. I just finished it just then my brother likes listening to me read and it’s an amazing thing to do in my spare time this book is making me want to read. you know. It’s just like “that book” you know the one that makes you want to keep reading. That special one. It is filled with so much tea And drama (witch I love) And also spectacular endings. Everything goes bad and then worst bad and then worst bad and then worse and then good and the bad and then good good good good and bad and then good and the bad and then worse and then good.Which is a very good thing and it’s good that the person who wrote this and think of all of the stuff I’m not like that. You are very smart person whoever wrote this book Nikki is so kind and you have made her an amazing person. And also it’s probably hard for her to deal with McKenzie all the time. But you always make it just calm down about it sometimes I do wish that Nikki would just punch McKenzie in the face. But you know it’s a children’s book. LOL. But you know that’s what I would’ve done. Just kidding. But anyways, sorry I like to ramble but I just want to tell you how good this book is and how good this app is for letting you get any book you want and paying a low price for even better than normal book stores. And this book, The paper doesn’t rip all the time so you can read it in peace. One more thing you can add to it is that do you know how in the world dork diary books There is Nickys hand writing and it’s not like normal typing writing I really really like that so I was thinking you can add it to the app so you can make it the exact same. Thank you for listening to my extremely long speech about dork diaries.

serial listener ,

This book was awesome! Awesome awesome awesome!

Amazing book! Incredible illustrations! You have to read the dork diaries series these books are the best! Please read this, Rachel! You are the best author for writing these books! (And illustrating them?)

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