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There’s a Code Even the NSA Can’t Crack

But Dillon Richard can. Dillon is a straight-arrow genius with Asperger’s syndrome. He’s never told a lie. He’s never been kissed. And he’s never had a badass quantum computer for cracking codes. Until now. 


In just a few days, Dillon will finish the software to crack the “unbreakable” code that banks and terrorists use to protect their most valuable secrets.

Everybody’s going to want a piece of Dillon. The Mafia. The NSA. And his two beautiful co-workers, Keryn and Rachel.

Who'll get him first?

About the Book

Double Vision is a hilarious geeky suspense novel about a guy who has no idea how attractive he is to women. In fact, he has no idea how women think at all.

Dillon is terribly strait-laced, and he’s a bit shocked when he sees that his sexy co-worker Rachel doesn’t wear a bra. But he’s in for a bigger surprise when Keryn shows him where she hid the quantum computer. 

Dillon is just a wee bit opinionated, and he can’t say a word without offending somebody with his thoughts on science, religion, national security, and the burning question of whether the multiverse is real.

Excerpt 1:

The passenger door opened and a petite young woman sprang out. She had shoulder-length silky hair of a golden blond color, and she wore a garish pink-and-blue tie-dyed shirt that stretched tight across her chest and did not reach down to her navel. Her faded jeans had a hole in one knee and did not reach up to her navel. She wore an old-fashioned leather fanny pack low around her hips.

Dillon thought she looked like one of those supermodels on the covers of magazines in the supermarket. For a second, he simply stared at her. Then he caught himself and looked down at the ground. A wave of dizziness washed over him and he thought for a moment that he was going to fall over. 

Excerpt 2:

Keryn did not like the way the blonde was staring at Dillon. Ogling him. Which was what every woman did the first time they saw Dillon Richard. If any guy on the planet ever deserved the word gorgeous, it was him. And the amazing thing about Dillon was that he had no idea how he affected women.

Fiction & Literature
1 December
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Ingermanson Communications, Inc.

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