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For fans of Sibel Hodge’s Untouchable, Anni Taylor’s The Game You Played, and Dot Hutchinson’s The Butterfly Garden

-Inspired by real U.S. police investigations this book contains scenes that some readers may find disturbing-

Ava Cavatica, so evil and diabolical she would make the legendary Hannibal Lector tremble with fear.

Ava Cavatica, a woman so beautiful, cunning, twisted, bloodthirsty and malicious, she would only take the name of a spider.

Now the origin of her evil is unveiled.

Long before she met the devil that disguised herself as her lover, Ava was once a frightened, tormented young girl.

In this dark psychological thriller, Down Devils Road, the prequel to Devil She Became, Ava Cavatica emerges from her nightmare of a childhood, a young girl pulled from a burning house and away from the clutches of her abusive, drug addicted mother.

Placed into a torturous foster family, Ava’s foster father subjects her to unspeakable abuse. As the rage boils inside her, Ava discovers the power that lies within her.

After she escapes the hell her foster family subjects her to, Ava vows to wreck vengeance upon those who have harmed her. As Ava begins to nourish the evil within, she discovers she has extraordinary gifts. Gifts that imbue her with an ability to become death’s prodigy for all those who stand in her way.

However, there is one man who has been watching Ava closely. Her foster brother and lover. Only he knows the frightened, young girl she once was and the devilish woman she is becoming. Is he strong enough to stop her? How far will he go to protect his family from the evil that resides within her?

Crime & Thrillers
5 September
Blackthorne Publications
Draft2Digital, LLC