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Three complete romance novels in one box set. Over 225 thousand words telling three distinct stories of love and romance.
Entirely Yours
The solid friendship of brothers Tom and John Harris with Michael Lewis has lasted for a decade. Mike holds high respect for his friends, especially for Tom, who is the steady, level headed advisor in his life.
Over the years, Mike, a young handsome Captain of a UN cargo plane has earned a reputation of being a callous heartbreaker. His passion for aviation, shared by both Tom and John, looks to be the only important matter in his life.
But is everything what it seems on the surface with Mike?
John, Tom’s younger and carefree brother works as a bodyguard for a rich, old business tycoon. When his employer is mysteriously murdered John is cast into a most unexpected position.
Both younger men are about to meet the one person who could change their lives, and both face the same question. Are they ready to give love a chance?
The False Identity
Ryan Saunders meets beautiful Annette Lund while stranded at Heathrow Airport, and is almost instantly drawn to her. When she leaves, he's convinced he has lost her forever, but when fate guides him back to her, the truth behind the mysterious beauty begins to unravel. Will love win, or does her past destroy their chances?
Under Italian Skies
Joann Keller—a teenager prone to idealistic views of the world—doesn't know what to do with her life after school. Her choices are multiple, but she only dreams of traveling the world and doing good. With her parent’s consent, she's allowed to take a year off, to ponder her options. She travels to Italy, to stay with her mysterious aunt, a woman she has met only a few times.
What lies ahead surpasses even Joann's lively imagination.

12 February
Bluewood Publishing
Smashwords, Inc.

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