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Gene Worth has started a graduate creative writing course at Columbia University in New York City and is modeling for a fashion house to make ends meet.
Ends don’t quite meet, though, and he agrees to room with one of the fashion house’s photographers, the Hispanic hunk Manny, with his rent being discounted when he gives Manny sexual favors. Manny also films porn movies, and Gene appears in some of those to help pay his bills, but this leads to all sorts of problems later on.
Gene doesn’t consider himself promiscuous, but sex with men pays his bills, he is highly sexed, and he has decided he can let loose occasionally, but mostly on Sundays. Sundays in NYC become a time when he goes to Central Park to turn a trick or two. Having drifted into selling his body, he sells his soul as well when he agrees to marry Helene, the head of the fashion house he models for, House of Havlow, and finds himself moving from city to city, from New York to New Orleans to Chicago and to Los Angeles, all the time moving deeper into the world of gay male sex in the fashion and film industries and further away from his desire to be a writer.
There was one john in New York City, Josh, who moved Gene sexually and also encouraged and enabled his writing. If Gene can only break away from the “sex on Sundays” hedonism . . . and if only Josh would come to take Gene home.
Tags: age difference, barebacking, bisexual, bondage, Chicago, docking, double penetration, drugs, gay clubbing, gay cruising, gay porn movies, interracial, Los Angeles, male model, male prostitution, men’s fashion house, New Orleans New York City, novelist, rough sex, threesomes

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28 April
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