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To travel is worth any cost or sacrifice. I am loyal and constant in my love for travel, as I have not always been loyal and constant in my other loves.

Newly divorced journalist Elizabeth Gilbert is struggling to carve out an authentic identity in New York. Desperate to reinvigorate her life and connect with the world around her, she embarks on a modern-day pilgrimage.

With warmth and humour, Gilbert chronicles a journey from Italy to India and, finally, to Bali. Each country serves as a vivid backdrop for self-exploration as she comes to terms with the choices that have hitherto defined her life, and begins to rediscover herself.

Biographies & Memoirs
16 November
Bloomsbury Publishing
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Customer Reviews

Daydreamfood88 ,


I think everyone should read this book

katie a.b.normal ,


Had to skip every 3rd chapter or so... if you read it you’ll understand why. I knew from the introduction that it was going to be a struggle to read... and I was right.

Allisonjane ,

Narcissistic Kak

This is truly the worst book I have ever read. I left my hard copy behind in a motel in Pennsylvania with a warning on the first page that you want to bang your head on a wall after the first chapter.

I did finish this book which I bought in an international airport terminal with limited options in English. It took me six months of enforced reading and truly if I hadn't had jet lag in the mid west I may never had finish it.

I fail to see why it got a publishing contract. The author's account of finding herself about leaving her marriage (the why was never disclosed to any satisfaction other than a sense of "I wasn't happy". ) and subsequent journey in finding herself left me flabbergasted.

I was god smacked when it was turned into a Movie. More so when it starred a favourite actress.

I recollect no grammatical or spelling errors.

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