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The epic final volume in the Century trilogy. As the decisions made in the corridors of power bring the world to the brink of oblivion, five families from across the globe are brought together in an unforgettable tale of passion and conflict during the Cold War.

When Rebecca Hoffmann, a teacher in East Germany, finds herself pursued by the secret police, she discovers that she has been living a lie. Her younger brother, Walli, longs to escape across the Berlin Wall to Britain to become part of the burgeoning music scene.

In the United States, George Jakes, a bright young lawyer in the Kennedy administration, is a fierce supporter of the Civil Rights movement - as is the woman he is in love with, Verena, who works for Martin Luther King, Jr. Boarding a Greyhound bus in Washington to protest against segregation, they begin a fateful journey together.

Russian activist, Tania Dvorkin, narrowly evades capture for producing an illegal news sheet. Her actions are made all the more perilous as her brother, Dimka, is a rising star in the heart of the Communist Party in the Kremlin.

From the deep south of America to the vast expanses of Siberia, from the shores of Cuba to the swinging streets of Sixties London, Edge of Eternity is a sweeping tale of the fight for individual freedom in a world gripped by the mightiest clash of superpowers anyone has ever known.


Fiction & Literature
16 September
Pan Macmillan UK
Macmillan Publishers Australia and Pan Macmillan Australia

Customer Reviews

HCDHunter ,

Brilliantly written, gripping story

Characters as good as ever. Well done Ken. What a masterpiece of historical fiction of an era that is still so much part of our lives today. The Trilogy is at an end. What can you do for an encore?......Could not put it down


Edge of Eternity - A recipe for an all nighter.

A fitting climax to the first two books to end off the century. Having lived many aspects of this period, albeit from afar in Australia, the memories and moments morphed into a great story told by a master story teller, rekindling many of my own emotions.

The shift from the first book which was British/German focused to the second book with a stronger focus on British/Russian relationship and the increased role of the new world USA it then moved to the current book which was Russian and USA focused through a large part the lens of Berlin, a city divided, not only by a symbolic wall but two ideologies.

The parallels between life in Russia and the Civil Rights movement in USA were at some times disturbingly similar.

The continuing lives of the families throughout all 3 books made for great reflection and was a credit to the author to continue weaving all the families though the complexity of up to 4 generations was intriguing. It was done so that each book could be read independently but what a treasure to be able to read all three and pick up the nuances so brilliantly written.

I heartily recommend this book but do your self a favour and read the other two in the trilogy.

Canberra connection ,

A brilliant read!

Captivating as per the preceding two books in the trilogy. Picks up the pace perfectly from where Winter.... finished off. Highly recommended.

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