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In this issue of the FGB, Election and Reprobation, Robert Purnell gives a concise introduction to God’s decree of election. Arthur Pink then argues that election is a foundational doctrine upon which many other doctrines rest. J. C. Ryle states the doctrine of election succinctly and beautifully. In a second article, Pink directs us to where election begins—in the eternal purpose and will of almighty God. In harmony with Pink, Wilhelmus à Brakel gives us a helpful glimpse of the decrees of God. In a third article, Pink displays the glory and beauty of Jesus as the first elect of God and as the Holy One in Whom all others are chosen. Joel Beeke and Paul Smalley then give us an extended biblical explanation of election. Then, in a second article, Robert Purnell once again gives us a concise overview of reprobation. Following that, Lorraine Boettner unfolds the solemn biblical account of reprobation. How do election and evangelism work together. Southern Baptist Robert Selph explains this clearly and briefly—it is not as complicated as many make it. But how does one know if God has chosen him or her to everlasting life? Thomas Reade answers with verve, beauty, and encouragement. Lastly, Octavius Winslow shows us the glorious truth that all God’s people were chosen to be like Christ Jesus, our lovely and blessed Savior. What a glorious, encouraging, and thrilling thought! Whatever you think of these two doctrines, we pray that you will ponder them prayerfully and see the immensity of God’s amazing grace in Christ. “Behold therefore the goodness and severity of God” (Rom 11:22).

Religion & Spirituality
4 March
Chapel Library
Mt Zion Bible Church of Pensacola Inc