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Elijah and Elisha were two of the greatest prophets in the Old Testament. Their lives included many extraordinary events, such as the contest between Elijah and the prophets of Baal at Mount Carmel. They also performed a number of notable miracles, including raising people from the dead, calling down fire from heaven, and dividing the waters of the Jordan. At the same time, we can see in their lives many ways in which the Lord worked with them, causing them to grow in their relationship with Him and training them for their service unto Him. 

Thus, while we may never have such dramatic experiences as they did, we can still draw from their lives many valuable lessons for our own Christian life and service. In this completely revised edition of Elijah & Elisha, Titus Chu considers these lessons and applies them for us today. 

From Chapter 1, "God’s Purpose and Mankind’s Failure" 

Elijah and Elisha were the greatest of God’s prophets. Their experiences were profound, and their lives were meaningful. Most readers of the Bible don’t expect to experience what they experienced. However, they are presented as people just like us—people who grew and developed until they became useful to God (James 5:17). If we cooperate with God to grow and develop as they did, we also shall live for God’s testimony and become manifest for the fulfillment of His purpose. 

Chapter Titles 


1. God’s Purpose and Mankind’s Failure 

2. Elijah’s Growth and Development 

3. Elijah and Obadiah 

4. Victory and Judgment at Carmel 

5. The Perfecting of Elijah (1) 

6. The Perfecting of Elijah (2) 

7. God’s People and God’s Name 

8. Gilgal, Bethel, Jericho, and the Jordan 

9. The Rapture of Elijah 

10. Elisha’s Operation (1) 

11. Elisha’s Operation (2) 

12. Elisha’s Operation (3) 

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