Emotional Intelligence: Mental Toughness. Build the Navy Seals Invincible Mindset. Grow Your Self-Confidence and Self-Esteem to Succeed in Every Area of Life, Developing Strength and True Grit

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Do you know how to make good decisions in stressful times?

Have you ever felt discouraged from dealing with a difficult situation?

Are you an athlete or a student who thinks that you don't have the mental energy to pass the next exam or win the next competition?

Do you want to know how the most successful men and women dominate their fears and overcome every challenge of their lives?

In today's society, challenges are thrown at us from several different angles. Think about it; every single day has a challenge waiting for us that we must face, whether we are prepared for it or not. These challenges come in many forms, including information overload, stressors from our work and home life, the pressure and expectation put upon us by our bosses, our peers, our friends, and even our partners, the list goes on. How do you handle all that life throws at you while also working toward your personal goals?

Life never lets up. That means you have to arm yourself to be able to face each new challenge that comes up without giving in to the emotional triggers that can lead to a breakdown or other actions you will come to regret later on.

In this book you will learn the strategies for building mental toughness as well as how these strategies apply to nearly any situation where emotional strength and mental grit are tested.

You will learn to:
Recognize and be aware of your emotions and emotional triggersCombat stressful events using clear, logical thinking instead of emotional reactionsDevelop new habits to support mental toughness in a sustainable wayApply these skills to the business environmentPrepare for the situations where your wits will be tested through rigorous training and practiceIntroduce a daily meditation routine to enforce positive thinking and mindfulness
By using all of the tools presented in this book, you will soon find yourself at a great advantage over the person you may have been before. Everyone has different goals for their lives, and everyone has different emotional triggers. You have to gradually redirect these negative reactions to positive ones, and you can do so easily by implementing these proven techniques. Let this book be your guide as you construct a vision for yourself before taking your first steps toward your goals. Creating a clear vision will keep you motivated throughout your journey as you see yourself moving closer toward your personal goals. Mental toughness will help you get there.

Don't spend another day mired in the weight of information overload brought on from every direction. From social media to television and marketing, everyone has something to say about how you should look, behave, and feel. Learn to create awareness of yourself and claim the person you were meant to become. It all starts with a little patience and dedication to the strategies laid out in this book. You will begin to see the difference right away, so do yourself a favor and start walking the proven path to success today!

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6 June
Jacob King
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