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A new earl, an eccentric heiress, and a spirited gentleman who will bring them together…

Miss Evelyn Diamond: While other girls played with dolls, I was fossil hunting. My lifelong dream is to be a fossilist and gain admittance into the Britain Geographical Society. My parents, however thought my desire was frivolous and that I needed to find a titled gentleman to marry. With my many eccentricities, I was hardly the ideal wife. The only man who understood me was my friend Clayton, but his tastes ran in a different direction.

Mr. Clayton: Evie and I were soul mates in many ways and I loved her like no other. Stuck in the country to care for my elderly father, I depended on Evie to keep me sane. I ached to go back to London and resume my secret life, but alas, I couldn't just yet. A chance encounter with the new Earl of Wellborn sparked an affair between us and my stay in the country suddenly turned interesting.

Zachery, Earl of Wellborn: As a member of the Britain Geographical Society, I inherited a title and debilitated estates that needed an infusion of capital. I had always been curious to follow my attraction for other men and when I met Clayton, I knew I had to see where my attraction would lead. I was shocked when Lady Evelyn asked me to marry her but it made sense to say yes. When she asked Clayton to share our bed, I couldn't say no.

Fiction & Literature
2 April
Anne Shaw
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