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The Erotic 6 Pack is a collection of SIX steamy erotic stories from Crimson rose, Alexis Alexandra, and Emily Sinclaire. This erotic anthology contains the individually published erotic stories: 'Total Control' By Crimson Rose; 'The Hanover Harlot' & 'Sleepsexing' By Alexis Alexandra; 'The Island of Rapture part 1 & 2', and 'Sorority Dayes' By Emily Sinclaire.

Katie Grant has secrets...things she would rather remain known only to her. But even the best kept secrets get out eventually. Mr. Weiss - owner and CEO of Weiss Holding, the company Katie works for, knows her secret and plans on doing something about it. Katie is followed to a fetish club by the name of Club Vixen. She is confronted by Sarah - a fellow coworker, and the two of them share a night of bonding, fetish style.
Thanks to Sarah's loose tongue Katie learns a few of Mr. Weiss' secrets and plans on using them to dominate the man that wants to dominate her.

The Hanover Harlot is the first story in my new 'Horny Housewives of Hanover' series. In this installment 32 year old Selena Greene wakes with vague and horrifying memories of the previous night. It isn't until she has her morning cup of coffee while looking through a mysterious photo album, that things come flooding back.

When Jane Foster was woken up several hours too early, she never imagined how her life was going to be forever changed. Sobbing into the other end of the line was her best friend April. She and her husband lost there house and needed a place to stay. Jane offered her home to them for as long as they needed. That's what good friends do.
Jane had forgotten all about Greg's somnambulism until he walked in on her while she was getting ready for a shower. She didn't protest at his advances. She feared startling him would give him a heart attack, or so she heard. And the advances were a little more than welcome. She also didn't tell her best friend about her husband's morning bathroom visits because she didn't want to upset the poor woman more than she already was. That's what good friends do, right?
When advances turn to sex, Jane finally tells her best friend. To her surprise April is relieved. Greg is a sex machine that she barely keeps up with and she's all too happy for Jane taking some of the load off. Greg remains blissfully unaware of his actions while having sleep sex with Jane. Or does he?

Thirty-seven year old Professor, Nicole Hurst take her three grad students on an expedition to explore the world's last uncharted island. Little do they know the island holds many deep dark secrets.
As they explore the island they come across a lake. Tired and hot after a long day's hike they all decide to take a swim. The water feels amazing as it energizes the body, and the libido alike.

This is part 2 in my 'Island of Rapture' series. In this installment Dr. Nicole Holst and her three grad students discover some of the mysteries of Rapture Island, but most importantly they discover they are not alone. Rapture Island holds many secrets, and the anthropologists from Franklin Grove are well on their way to learning them all one sexual act at a time.

Sorority Dayes is the continuing story of Lidia Dayes during her college years at the Maidenfair College for girls. All Lidia wants is to go to class and get and education while juggling work and a relationship with her girlfriend Jenny. Her best friend Diana joins her this year and tries pressuring Lidia to join a sorority. Reluctantly, Lidia finally agrees to join the Delta Lambda Phi, a sorority known for building leadership qualities, community work, and promoting friendship.
During hazing week, Lidia learns that the sorority has a closely guarded secret. Jenny reveals her mother's plan, and things go to hell for Lidia. Can she keep her head and pass another year, or will she break down and say the hell with it all?

Fiction & Literature
26 February
Crimson Rose
Smashwords, Inc.

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