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Experience your deepest sexual fantasies with this erotica bundle from Catherine DeVore! The Erotic Lactation 3-Pack features three sizzling tales: Milked by my Lab Partners, Milked by my Doctor, and Milked at the Bar. This adults-only, 11,000-word bundle is a must read for fans of hot erotic lactation!

Milked by my Lab Partners

Mara, along with her lab partners, Pete and Nathan, are on the verge of an incredible advancement in breast cancer research: they have created a serum that could vaccinate women by stimulating certain lactation functions in the breasts. But when Mara accidentally gets some of the concentrated serum on her skin, she discovers that their serum might be more potent than they’d thought. As Mara’s breasts swell larger and larger with more milk than she can handle, her lab partners start to find her irresistible!

Milked by my Doctor

When Gia signs up for a clinical trial for a breastmilk-enhancing drug, she's sure it will be business as usual--get a few shots, get paid. When she wakes up the next morning with massively enlarged and hypersensitive breasts that are nearly bursting with creamy milk, Gia doesn't know what to do! Her doctor assures her that it's no emergency, but Gia's going to have to be milked dry by a huge milking machine and a team of horny doctors before the cure can be administered. Can Gia handle being strapped in and drained, or will the milking machine's suction be too much to handle?

Milked at the Bar

Leila had always been unhappy with her flat chest. When she visits a strange new store that seems to have appeared out of nowhere, a mysterious man gives her an amulet. Soon, Leila finds that her breasts are growing at an alarming rate and men can't keep their eyes off of them. Even worse, she's starting to lactate uncontrollably just as she heads to a bar with her friends for a night out on the town. Instead of shock, her friends respond with uninhibited lust.

Fiction & Literature
4 April
Catherine DeVore
Smashwords, Inc.

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