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Four erotic shorts for FREE!

- Cate: A Care Giver Providing Real Care Part 1

Cate, a care giver, learns a very new definition of taking care of a patient. One that she has to balance with the moral obligations that she has as a married woman. Slowly but steadily she reaches the point of no return. How will her husband respond once he finds out what she's been doing on the job?

A tale of romance and desire.

- The Blackmailed Nun - Part 1: Forced Into Submission

A young and naive nun ends up in the hands of a corrupt and elderly priest. Will she escape from his grasp or will she fall prey to the desires that he sets loose? Desires that no decent nun, she knows, should have.

- Venus From Teacher to Whore [A Tale of Exploitation and Abuse Part 1]

If only Venus Rosemund, a respected teacher and married woman, had known how her once favorite student would one day become her worst nightmare.

One who would have her shed tears of shame at experiencing forbidden pleasure.

Turning the once self-respecting woman into what she could shamefully only describe as a cock-hungry slut.

Making her wonder if there will be anything left of her self-esteem as her student pushes her to the boundaries of what she can bear physically, emotionally, and mentally.

Will she cave in and permanently be the whore that he is working hard at turning her into or will she escape from his grasp?

- Lady C. Part 1 The Encounter

Great Britain. A seaside resort in the early 20th century where the rich and mighty spend the summer to relax. Lady C., a gorgeous forty-seven year old Lady of social standing, but financially destitute. A corrupt hotel manager who preys on the women who frequent his hotel and forces them into prostitution. A young man with a crush on an older woman.

Enjoy! :)

Fiction & Literature
10 June
Kinky Revolution
Draft2Digital, LLC

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