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From New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author Kristen Proby comes ESCAPE WITH ME, an all-new stand-alone novel in her beloved WITH ME IN SEATTLE SERIES!

Keegan O’Callaghan has been told he’s married to his pub. It’s true. He’s happiest when he’s pulling taps and filling drink orders, so long as he can keep an eye on his family and ensure that all is well. Bringing a woman into his life for anything but a pleasant, short-term romp isn’t even on his radar. 

Until she comes running through his door, soaking wet and in a princess gown.

Isabella Harris ran out on her wedding, and she’s not even a little bit sorry. She may have loved her groom a long time ago, but standing there about to take her vows, she realizes it’s not right. And that’s all she needs to know. Four hours later, she finds herself on a tiny island outside of Seattle, walking into a random Irish Pub and locking eyes with the sexiest bartender she’s ever seen. But now what? She’s alone and broke, with only a wedding dress to her name.

Despite the undeniable attraction between them, Keegan can see that Izzy’s scared and alone. The job offer he extends is only until she gets back on her feet—he has no intention of keeping her. 

But sometimes Fate has other plans…

19 January
Ampersand Publishing, Inc.
Kristen Proby

Customer Reviews

Erin Lewis aka Maimeo's ,


I couldn’t wait to dive in to escape With Me as this is Keegan O’Callaghan and Isabella (Izzy) Harris’s story. It was a great addition to the With Me In Seattle series and I was riveted from the first to the last word. I was intrigued with Keegan when he was first introduced in previous books and all this book has done has cemented my love for him.

Living on an island off the coast of Seattle, Keegan is a workaholic whose family are convinced he is married to his pub and therefore has no time for a romantic commitment. That is until Izzy appears at the pub and turns his life upside down. Keegan can see that there is fear is Izzy’s eyes and wants to help her so he offers her a job.

Despite themselves, the attraction between them is too intense to ignore. The chemistry between them sizzles and was so hot and steamy. I fell hard and fast for both Keegan and Izzy, both separately and together. Keegan may be brash and bossy but he has a heart of gold and was swoon worthy, whilst Izzy is sassy, strong and determined.

The banter was witty and the push and pull of their relationship made for an entertaining read. It was also great to catch up with previous characters and I cannot wait for the next release in this series. Once click this little gem, you won’t be disappointed.

Jaxwright57 ,

Loved it

I was excited as soon as I heard we were getting Keegan’s story and Escape With Me was everything I expected and so much more. Keegan and Izzy’s story can certainly be read and enjoyed as a stand-alone because it’s not essential to know the other characters in this romance but I’m sure if this is your first trip to Seattle you will want more, you will want to get to know the wonderful characters Ms Proby has given us in the previous 15 books in this amazing series. Keegan O’Callaghan was always going to need a very special lady if he was going to give his heart up but the last thing he expected was a woman who had just left her groom at the alter to be the one who captured his heart. Izzy is one of the strongest heroines i have come across and she is determined to work and make a new life for herself by her own merits and that means learning to be a waitress in Keegan’s bar. This book ticked all my boxes, I was captivated by Keegan and Izzy’s journey, I smiled and giggled at the witty banter, I swooned as I fell hard and fast for Keegan and I have to say I loved catching up with all my old favourites at the family gathering. A wonderful read from the very talented ans Proby and the perfect addition to the With Me In Seattle Family.

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