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I thought things couldn't get worse. I was wrong.
I found out what I really wanted and was forced to give him up. Just as I found out who I really am, I was presented to the elusive Horde King as a gift.
This was the mystical being I was hidden from for more than twenty years.
Although Ryder promised to save me, I couldn't let him get near this creature, so I willingly (sort of) signed myself over to be his new plaything.
Now in the Horde Realm, nothing is going remotely like I thought it would.
My powers and emotions are on the fritz, and each day seems to bring surprises that I am not sure how to deal with.
The Horde King thinks he has me exactly where he wants me.
He thinks he has taken all of my options away.
I still have choices.
Embracing what destiny has planned for me, or escaping it.

15 February
Amelia Hutchins
Smashwords, Inc.

Customer Reviews

PYRL.xx ,

And the plot thickens

Amazing instalment! Apart from a lot whining from the heroine, it was a good book. There’s adventure and mystery in this one and another huge plot twist. Can’t wait to start the next one.

SDemi11111111111 ,


Escaping Destiny is book 3 in Amelia Hutchins ‘The Fae Chronicles’ series. If you haven’t read books 1 and 2 in the series yet, it is highly recommend that you do so, as this book has many key points and characters that you need to read from them.

I have said in my reviews for the previous books ‘Fighting Destiny’ and ‘Taunting Destiny’ that I love the warning at the beginning of the book that Amelia puts in and I can say I still honestly love it.

I didn’t think that Ryder and Synthia’s story could get any better, well I can honestly admit I was wrong, it TOTALLY can get better and it did with this book.

Synthia’s world has been completely turned upside down, back to front and inside out in the last several months since she first meet Ryder. She went from being a Human/Witch/Assassin for the Guild, then being told she was the Light Heir Princess intended to marry the Dark Fae Heir, then being told she was the lost Daughter to the Blood King who had be contracted to the Horde King when she was a baby. How was she supposed to know who and what she was when no one else did. Now she was in the clutches of the Horde King. How was she going to get herself out of this without getting herself or Ryder killed.

There is so many twists and turns in this book it will have you on the edge of your seat and addicted to every word. Just when you think you know where the book is going bam Amelia hits us with a new twist. Ryder and Synthia’s story is addictive, a real page turner jam packed with action.

Twiggy1994 ,


Amazing 3rd book and I love the scenes and sexiness and wohoo makes me think twice I LOVE this series and this author

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