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It seems like a dream job – getting paid to travel and party around Europe! At least that’s what the brochure would say. The reality is very different.

For anyone who has been on an 18–35’s holiday around Europe with the likes of Topdeck, Contiki, Busabout or Intrepid, or knows someone who has, this exposé lifts the lid on what it is really like to lead a life on the road as a tour manager.

Follow Mick in his first year as he runs the gauntlet of training to become a fully-fledged tour manager and learns the tricks of the trade. In leading his groups from London to as far as Istanbul and back, he experiences hospital visits, transport strikes, passenger relationship breakdowns, run-ins with police, buses that have been burnt to the ground, stow-aways, officials seeking bribes, certifiably crazy passengers and enough nudity and alcohol to last a lifetime.

Travel & Adventure
23 June
Australian eBook Publisher

Customer Reviews

MattD.....:-) ,

An excellent read !

This book confirms what many suspected about tour groups of 18-35's travelling on a high speed maximum impact tour through Europe. A wild story told by a charming host, Mick captures the wild hedonism of youth with this well written, biographical recount of some of the wildest days of his early years. Thoroughly recommended !

Columbine Fairy ,

Perfect Travel Accessory

Europe from the Front Seat of the Bus tells the story of Mick's journey from training to be a tour guide, through his first year on the road, with many adventures and misadventures along the way. It's nice and easy to read and the characters are very believable - and often entertaining as they gallivant around Europe getting into all sorts of strife, which the tour guide has to get them out of somehow!
It's somewhere between a memoir and a guidebook, with tidbits of knowledge about Europe here and there, but mostly it's about the hard and not-so-hard work the tour guide has to put in, and some colourful characters he meets along the way. Some are inspiring, some are just downright weird. And there's a very strange story about a cow suit that probably had to be seen to be believed.
Who knew there was so much going on behind the scenes on a holiday tour? There's enough stories to make you laugh and enough information to make me want to go to Europe. Perfect entertainment for a long-haul flight. Especially if you're going to Europe!