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Amaryllis Ashley is tired of waiting passively at home for her husband's attention. And she is beginning to hate him for tempting her into divorce. Amy, after all, married for life.

Given the options of sleeping with his wife or sleeping on the sofa, Orion Ashley took the sofa. He would never touch her in the home she'd inherited. Orion never bargained on his wife kicking herself out of the bed, and him back into it.

Amy is convinced her husband is cheating. Guilt-ridden, Orion begs her for just a little more time. At work the next morning, he receives a call from the housekeeper that lands both him and his wife in the hospital. They leave Dallas in an uproar months later when Orion is seen racing out of a society ball with his wife tossed over his shoulder.

Battling pride and fear, the couple comes to the realization that communication and trust are two of the most important tools they'll need to build a successful life together.

27 July
Josephine Kent
Smashwords, Inc.

Customer Reviews

Bluest butterfly ,

Everything She Wants

Loved it!;)

McKinnonMarty ,

Everything She Wants

Y. Everything She Wants 4/10
Orion is blackmailed into marrying Amy by her father, and has never properly kissed her or shared her bed for the whole first year. She thinks he is having an affair. He told he thinks she's an ugly beast. That's a year of cruelty. So I don't quite get how he is in love with her. This story and the happy ending doesn't work for me.

Lighter fighter ,

Beautiful ....

Most romantic story I have read in a long long time. Beautiful heart rending writing. 5 stars

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