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The move to World Cup Academy of Gymnastics is the greatest challenge Adrianna has encountered. Punished for Coach Kova's overwhelming desires, she's reeling with resentment while she sits out the first meet of the season. As Adrianna fights to regain her focus, he pushes her body to the extreme, leaving her mentally and physically exhausted.

Kova underestimates Adrianna's endurance, and gravitates more toward her, despite his internal battle raging within to stay away. They try to disentangle themselves, but the tension between coach and gymnast mounts, engulfing them both in a forbidden world of deception and passion.

The one place where they should never feel alive, is where they find complete absolution. But one slip, one wrong landing, a missed grip, and everything they built can come tumbling down, damaging both their professional and personal lives.

23 April
Lucia Franco
Lucia Franco

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Caught Out

Five Amazing Stars

I was absolutely thrilled to to reach book two Off Balance. Such an searing marvellous sexy romantic. I love book one and I was so excited to enjoy this too!

Coach Kova was definitely a ruthless man. He was continually mean to the gymnasts including Adriana and resented here as well. She hated everything about their past and especially for their future at this Academy of Gymnasts.

Kova was such a brilliant coach. We had work so close already . Adriana knew with only his guidance she would eventually make it through to be the winner. She could trust him completely. When Hayden caught both Kova and myself having sexual intercourse. Adriana was so scared and upset that he could think I would do this. She was so angry at herself. Hayden must have so disappointed in her as well. She had to prove to her friend to prove that Kova was just a big mistake.

Hayden wouldn’t let Adriana go back and see Kova again. She was absolutely so upset this day with them both. So emotional draining too. Adriana knew she had to see Kova once more that day alone. Walking inside Kova’s office. He was so angry and quiet, still hoping that Hayden was still keeping his mouth shut. This situation between us is both our faults. Both of us enjoy our time together.

Adriana realised this relationship was now gone. She was so bitterly angry at him. He would be there. She knew that Kova had ideas used her. Watching him stand in his office he still tainting and provoking her. Until Adriana slammed the door while Kova laugh.

Such a marvellous most delicious erotic tale. I simply enjoyed these series’s it so much. Absolutely just loving these most sexist characters. A complete masterpiece from Lucia Franco!!

Congratulations Lucia Franco!!

I recommend this book to everyone!!

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