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Master Exotic Pentatonic Scales for Guitar

Not just a ground-breaking guitar book, this is a full and in-depth video guide that helps you master 11 exotic pentatonic scales and 55 essential licks for guitar.

Are you struggling to create new sounds and original musical ideas in your guitar solos?

Do you want a fresh approach to creativity on guitar?

Would you like to create the sounds, melodies and harmonies of music from other cultures?

Get inspired with a whole other language of exotic scales on guitar

Exotic Pentatonic Soloing for Guitar teaches you the most important new scales on guitar. You’ll learn 11 new and exciting exotic pentatonic scales, and discover a language of guitar licks and vocabulary you can use immediately to add new depth and colour to your playing.

Discover breathtaking solos with 11 new types of pentatonic scales.

If you’ve ever been stuck in a rut with your soloing or wondered how the guitar greats seem to find notes that you don't have access to, then exotic pentatonic soloing is for you. You’ll discover a whole arsenal of new sounds by making small, yet profound adjustments to the pentatonic scales you already know and love.

Exotic Pentatonic Soloing for guitar dramatically expands your musical palette and soloing choices

Exotic Pentatonic Soloing for Guitar covers the 'Robben Ford', 'Lydian', 'Iwato', 'Hirojoshi' 'm7b5' and ‘Indian’ Pentatonic Scales, plus many more.

Each scale is taught around the five CAGED shapes with five exciting licks for each scale. You’ll also get one-on-one video guitar lessons with the author Simon Pratt to give you a dynamic insight into use of these creative pentatonic scales for guitar.

Here’s what you get:

Discover eleven new pentatonic scales for guitar

Learn 55 exciting licks and solos

A complete guide to melodic phrasing

Creative practise tips

A guide to The CAGED System

…and much more.

Bonus 90 minutes of exclusive HD one-on-one video lessons with the author

Bonus Over 180 minutes of audio you can download for free.

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Get creative with Exotic Pentatonic Soloing for Guitar

This is the complete guide to exotic pentatonic scales on guitar. Buy it now to become the freshest player in the room

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