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Face to Face with Shiva - scientific perspective of a spiritual experience:

A real life account of being face to face with Lord Shiva: the highest among all known beings. An event that took place in 1970, is given in as-is form. It was among rarest of the rare experiences. Ever since then, the continuous dialog with Lord Shiva has been unfolding, and has provided revelation to the mysteries of life and defining its very purpose. In the dilemma of being a scientist who must find a scientific explanation to every phenomenon, I had refrained from publicly sharing this unique experience. Over forty five years of an ongoing dialog with Lord Shiva has yielded a scientific hypothesis to this rare happening, and time has now come to share this experience for larger benefit of humanity.

In this brief presentation, the hypothesis and experience are shared alike. Bridging the gap between science and spirituality, physical and metaphysical, un-manifested and visible existence, abstract and defined, Lord Shiva answers the most unanswered questions like:

Is there God? If so, who is that? Who made God?

What is the purpose of Life? Who are we?

What can one do as an individual to make a difference in this world?

Why do tragedies happen?

Why do living beings have desires?

How do we participate in the universal divine plan?

What happens after death?

Are we the only living beings and is there life elsewhere in this inter-galactic universe?

Are we being observed?

Am I empowered to change the universe?

What is the end-all of existence?

What is our responsibility in this life?

How is the universe managed?

Who controls the universe?

What lies beyond edge of the universe?

Atheists, believers, and scientists can all benefit by drawing insight to the reality of all that is and discover the truth beyond science and religion. Brought to you by IEEE Author of the Year.

Religion & Spirituality
21 October

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