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Webpages are so yesterday! If you really want your business to succeed you need to get it social.  If you’re sitting there thinking, “MySpace here I come!” then you really need this book; if you already know that Facebook is on your business’ to do list, then this book will also come in handy.

Before you start thinking “Hey, my mom’s on Facebook…maybe she can be in charge of this project” you should be forewarned—Facebook for Business’ is not yo mama’s Facebook; sure your mom can whip up a page by a few clicks, but if you want to stand out from the rest, then you will have to do something a little more challenging: coding (this is only if your mom isn't up to date like the rest of our moms. If your mom is a coding queen, then why are you reading this again?). Don’t worry! We aren't talking Matthew Broderick hunkered down in front of a computer trying to stop a nuclear war type of coding—this coding is so simple your mom might very well be able to do it…just don’t tell her that, because, trust us, you really don’t want your mom in charge of the social aspect of your business; Gadchick was about to hand over the powers of social media to her mama until her mama said, “I can’t wait to share baby photos of you trying to get milk out of the puppy!”

This book is really about the dirty secret programmers don’t won’t you to know about: you can do it yourself! We’ll walk you through the steps, and promise to be gentle—we will bite, but we have no teeth, so it will feel more like a massage. We’ll tell you about iFrames, FBML, and how to set up a Facebook ad campaign for your business.

Computing & Internet
19 December
GadChick Books
Golgotha Press, Inc.

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