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In the remote outback of South australia, a pig hunter and his dog stumble upon a gruesome scene. Constable William Scott, the local policeman in the nearest town of Maree is called out to investigate.

It soon becomes evident to Scott that the property hides secrets of something dark and sinister, with an incredible amount of evil, sparking the arrival of the full resources of the Police Force.

As the body count rises, a ritualistic pattern emerges, but still no clue of the identity of the victims. With the widening of their search a small piece of evidence is found......The perpetrator has another victim. Can they find and thwart this evil mastermind before he completes his final ritual?

*Warning* This book contains graphic violence and is not for the faint hearted. 

Crime & Thrillers
5 October
Jenni Boyd Books
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

LiL~El ,

Thrilling read!

If you are looking for a thrilling read with many twists & turns Faith is for you!

At the start It was a little hard for me to stick with it because the heavy religious theme in the early chapters, as that's not really my usual choice of genre/theme. After finishing the book though, I realize that the depth of detail at the start is imperative for the intricate details of the story. I'm glad I stuck it out.

I really enjoyed it. Jenni writes crime/ physiological thrillers really well. I think this is by far her best written, edited & presented book to date.

Faith was confronting at times, intense, really well paced and it kept me thinking. In previous novels by this author the pace has been so quick that I've had to stop reading and go back a chapter to reread what I had already read to fully comprehend what was happening as the pace was just blistering speed! In Faith, Jenni just nailed it perfectly. The pace ebbed & flowed in just the right way to keep constant interest, and keep the story moving forward. The pace increased with the intensity of the chase, and drew back in the right way to show the frustration of the Rocket & Scott in the times when their effort to catch their perp were thwarted.

I think the inclusion of the police dog Lexie was really clever, it added another layer of interest to the story that made Scott really relatable & genuine.

I'm sure the whole book will be well received! I can actually quite easily imagine this as a film.

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