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Faithful Who Has Promised contains the following four Old Testament Devotionals:

Blessed Hope
Jerusalem. 730 B.C. Living in a corrupt kingdom with foreign invasion on the horizon, Isaiah's wife longs to take refuge and find strength in the Holy One of Israel.

She turns to the holy writings her husband has collected and is immersed in the heart-thoughts of Eve and Elisheba, Rizpah and Gomer. Will their praises and witness provide the strength she needs?

Sure Mercies
Jerusalem. 685 B.C. Hepzibah, Queen Mother of Judah, is distraught when her son orders the death of her father, the Prophet Isaiah.

Now her son is returning from Assyrian prison and she will have to face him…can she forgive him? Will her father's life and teachings about the healing power of the promised Messiah restore her faith and give her peace?

In His Hand
Egypt. 592 B.C. Huldah, once a teacher in Jerusalem, is now a refugee in Egypt. She worries about her granddaughter who lost her husband when the Babylonians stormed Jerusalem. As she relates memories and stories of King Josiah, her nephew the Prophet Jeremiah, and the ever present invitations of the Lord to trust in His care, will her granddaughter accept the invitation?

Join her journey and be strengthened by her testimony to live with greater trust in God today.

Samaria. 425 B.C. When Ezra the scribe taught that the Jewish men should divorce their foreign wives and children, Ruth's father was one who followed Ezra's counsel. Now, thirteen years later, Ruth's half-sister appears on her doorstep with a record she says her sister needs to read. It spans the past one hundred and fifty years—from the Babylonian captivity until Ruth's own day.

Will she find in the ancient record the understanding, faith and strength she needs now to heal and live in hope?

Religion & Spirituality
12 October
Jessica Coupe
Draft2Digital, LLC

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