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She was born a slave... no thanks to the angels that were supposed to protect her.

Azrael knows who the real enemy is. Angels rule her world and destroy any hope for happiness. That's why she'll turn to a demon for help... even though every bone in her body says this can't end well.

She bargained for the ability to change her fate as a slave. Instead, heaven's gates are opened and Azrael finds herself next in line to become queen. Queen of fallen angels is not a role to be taken lightly, certainly when Michael, a master of forbidden arts, knows her worst secret. She cheated for her shot at the throne. The demon will come to claim his price... and when he does, Azrael will be ready.

Over 5,000 copies sold! Enjoy the highly-acclaimed angelic novel that will take you into a world of treacherous angels and terrifying heights. Don't look down...


2018 Silver Chapter of Excellence Award

2017 eFestival of Words Best Fantasy Finalist!

Young Adults
29 April
A.J. Flowers
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

Kookikay ,

A Fresh Look at Angels!

This was nothing like I imagined. There’s the white and black of good and bad, plus varying shades of grey. Can good come from evil? Does it really take the level of pain Azrael suffers to become pure? I was left with these questions and so many more. A good start to what looks to be an intriguing series. Definitely different to any other angel novel. And only a couple of typos to mar the rhythm.

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