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Contains All Three Episodes of Fate of the Alpha!

Something wicked is headed for Tarker's Hollow...

Ainsley Connor is faced with her toughest challenge yet. With her mate gone, she’s left alone to defend her territory from rival wolves, dark magic, and worst of all, the threat of losing her pack if she doesn’t impress her superiors.

Erik Jensen is not who he claims to be. When he comes to the shifter town of Copper Creek to help after a mining accident, he discovers there is more going on than meets the eye. Now he must uncover the secret of the sleepy little town, before the wolves discover his.

Grace Kwan-Cortez knows how tough it is being a cop in a town full of shape-shifters, magic and who knows what else. What she isn’t prepared for are the feelings she can’t seem to shake since meeting Julian. And she can’t decide which option she dreads more, that he ensnared her in some sort of spell, or that the feelings might actually be real.

Julian Magie is in possession of certain information. Information that could change Tarker’s Hollow, and the world, forever. Torn between his sworn duty and his allegiance to his friends, Julian must decide who to trust, and where his true loyalties lie. 

A Complete Story...

Fate of the Alpha: The Complete Bundle combines all three episodes of the Fate of the Alpha serial in one place! It is a complete story of over 500 pages. No waiting for the next installment. And no CLIFFHANGERS!

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1 April
13th Story Press
13th Story Press

Customer Reviews

Kristy Heinicke ,

Fate is all bundled up.... YAY

YAY... I love when serials get all boxed together, when I found out Tasha's 'Fate of an Alpha' was bundled I was very happy. When bundled they are easier to read & you don't have to wait for the next part... especially when you have cliffhangers by Tasha. I love not having to wait for the next episode to go live, reading through the entire serial is always better than waiting, although I did wait for each of the episodes to come out.

'Fate of the Alpha' is part of the "Tarker's Hollow Shifter Romance"... I suggest you read the 'Curse of the Alpha' serial first before starting on 'Fate of the Alpha', as 'Fate' starts where 'Curse' finishes, also you have the same characters following the same timeline.

We follow Alpha Ainsley & her mate Eric's story, also we follow Grace & Julian's story... Evil is lurking in Tarker's Hollow & it's up to Ainsley, Eric, Grace & Julian to stop it. We see Ainsley spend most of the time away from Eric, Eric losing his wolf & trying to keep the pack from finding out. Being sent away to help a pack who just went through a tragedy....

This serial is packed full of acton, keeping you riveted to your seat until the very end. There are so many twists & turns through out the book, keeping you guessing until the catastrophic ending. I look forward to reading more from Tasha in the future.

Foundgirlk ,

Even better than the first bundle

Great story and it was even more exciting than the first series.

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