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Learn how to quickly create your own custom apps for managing contacts, assets, content, invoices, and more with the FileMaker Platform. Get FileMaker Training Series: Basics — a downloadable ebook.

This series shows you how to build an app from start to finish that works seamlessly across iPad, iPhone, Windows, Mac, and the web — without extensive development experience needed.

FileMaker Training Series: Basics includes:

- An overview of the FileMaker Platform

- A tour of the built-in tools and templates to help you get started

- Step-by-step instructions for building your first app

- A set of activity files to guide you through the exercises

Get started building your custom FileMaker app today!

Table of Contents:

Lesson 1: FileMaker Platform Overview

Lesson 2: Using Starter Solutions

Lesson 3: Viewing and Working with Data

Lesson 4: Finding and Sorting Records

Lesson 5: User-Centered Design

Lesson 6: Importing Data

Lesson 7: Creating Fields and Tables

Lesson 8: Relationships

Lesson 9: Layouts

Lesson 10: Layout Design Tools

Lesson 11: Special Layout Objects

Lesson 12: Formatting Field Objects

Lesson 13: User Interface Best Practices

Lesson 14: Calculations

Lesson 15: Scripting

Lesson 16: Reporting

Lesson 17: Integration

Lesson 18: Security

Lesson 19: Deployment

Available for separate purchase on the iBooks Store is FileMaker Training Series: Advanced. This series is geared for intermediate to advanced FileMaker developers, but anyone who creates custom apps using the FileMaker Platform can benefit from it. It also serves as a key resource for becoming a FileMaker Certified Developer.

Computing & Internet
10 May
FileMaker Inc.
FileMaker Inc.

Customer Reviews

GoJu123 ,

FileMaker Training - Basics

A lot of technical information is presented but everything needed to develop a database and subsequent App is there.
For someone with an understanding of data modelling and database development the instruction manual provides a very good structured walk-through.
For the would-be developer who has never heard of 3rd Normal Form, Entity Relationships, Tables and Attributes etc., then there are some concepts to learn.
However, with determination and perseverance, the manual will enable anyone, with average intelligence, the means to build and deploy the application they need.
First class product!

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