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When Jake awakes one morning to find himself alone and in his wife's body, his world is turned upside down. To make matters worse, a strange man shows up at the door, looking for his wife, and Jake finds himself filled with powerful urges he's not quite sure he can stop - or if he wants to!

Filling Her Shoes is a story for mature audiences, and contains scenes of gender change, oral sex, masturbation, gender swap sex. It is 4000+ words in length.

An excerpt of this story:

I ignored the alarm clock as I did most mornings, swatting it into silence and stretching out in the bed, begging for sleep to take me once again. No suck luck. I blinked the haze from my eyes and glanced over. Karen, my wife, was nowhere to be seen. Her side of the bed had been neatly made. That probably should have tipped me off that something was up, but instead I kicked a leg over and took control of the bed, relishing the feel of enough room to stretch out. As my leg snaked out, the fog of sleep slowly bled from my mind, and I swept it from side to side. That was certainly odd. I couldn't reach the far side of the bed. Normally when I did my stretch out routine, my limbs would hang from the edge of the bed.

The covers were peeled away, wonder what sort of joke Karen had played on me. I froze, sheets tumbling from numb, shocked fingers. A pair of short, pale, petite legs peeked out from beneath my boxer shorts. They were beautiful, and certainly belonging to my wife, but it was such a sudden shift in perception, seeing them jutting from my body, that I might have blacked out for a second from the blind confusion that clawed through my primal mind. What the hell? I mean… what in the hell was going on? Tentatively, I wiggled my toes. Purple painted toenails danced back.

"Oh, come on," I said, and gasped. My wife's melodious words poured out of my mouth. I slapped both my hands over my mouth hard enough to rock my head back and send a shower of lights exploding behind my eyes. I collapsed back onto the bed, panting as panic began to pump through my veins. This couldn't be happening.

Fiction & Literature
2 June
Kaitlin Black
Draft2Digital, LLC

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