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This book is an old version for Final Cut Pro X v10.0.9

The new book for version 10.3 is called "Final Cut Pro 10.3 - How it Works" and is also available on the iBooks Store

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8 August
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Customer Reviews

Hakea333 ,

A lot about FCP7

Excellent layout and support graphics. Very good at what it covers, but it does leave a lot out. If you are interested in the technical differences between Final Cut Pro 7 and FCPX then this could be just the book for you.
However, if you’ve never used FCP7 and are new to Final Cut then you might be a little disappointed. Unfortunately, the space that might have been used to explain some of the features in more depth has been taken up by a lot of discussion about FCP7, which I had no prior experience of and no real interest in reading about.
For me,this book mostly told me things that I either didn’t need to know or already knew, and didn’t provide the information I was looking for. The iBook version also has a fairly poor Table of Contents.
Apple’s own free User Guide is long winded and repetitive but it does cover more.

RemekTek ,

Essential content, perfectly presented

This is mandatory reading. I love video tutorials, but the advantage of written books is that you can easily pause and re-read, or bookmark, or use as reference.

The author has a perfect grasp of both FCPx and iBooks and presents everything with perfect clarity. I am very grateful for this book and can't recommended it highly enough.

I haven't finished reading this yet, but hope that it will have some "Best Practice" recommendations and not just the factual impartial descriptions.

I shall certainly look out for other books by the author.

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