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In March 1998, four directors of the Cat Protection Society of Queensland drove to their chairperson's house to discuss crucial items on the agenda. They heard the strained barking of a security dog and the howls of sixteen hungry cats. A terrible smell hit them as they climbed out of their car - it led to the decomposing body of Dr Kathleen Marshall, slumped in the veterinary clinic she had created under the house. The book details the subsequent trial and imprisonment of palmist and spiritualist Andrew Fitzherbert. His conviction, based solely on DNA evidence, was a first in Australia and only the third in the world. The Fitzherbert support group believes in Andrew's innocence and is fighting for his release. Is the real killer roaming free?

7 January
New Holland Publishers (Australia)
New Holland Publishers

Customer Reviews

cambonick ,

A Fascinating Read!

A true crime book with something for everyone. The tale of Australia's first murder conviction gained solely on DNA evidence.

Stir in the chaotic, almost purile, side show of a warring and practically dysfunctional society, dedicated to the protection of cats, and a vet for a victim. An opinionated woman to say the least, who also managed to be simultaneously reclusive, and effusive!

Lest we forget the entry stage left of the defendant and his friends, heavily into spiritualism, palmistry and all things theosophical - as if the plot needed any further thickening!

Even the necessary but technical analysis of the DNA forensics, (central to this intriguing murder case), avoided boredom for this reader, as it was covered in an easy to digest manner .

Well done to authors Prof Paul Wilson and Di McGuiness for taking us through this true crime adventure.

It goes without saying, that I could happily recommend this book to all.

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