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If you are amazed or amused by females who humble men by busting their balls, then this ebook is for you! These women use their training, their smarts and their muscles to teach the fellas a lesson that they'll never forget. Arey is fairly short but she's a powerhouse. While she tries to handle things without hurting anyone, Arey has had times where she has taken a short-cut or two. In other cases, she didn't take a short cut at all. She beat the guys and then planted her victory flag right between their legs.

Mary is next and this lady isn't young but she is dangerous. Mary is an exceptional martial artist and a genuine gym rat. She has a very dominant streak that has left many men holding themselves and rolled up in the fetal position. While some women use ball-busting as a last resort, Mary sees it as an art-form. Mary is a confident blonde cougar that can tempt you and break you!

Erika has a friendly smile, but she also has a strong sense of justice. As a shorter woman, Erika knows that if she sends a kick to a man's crotch she had better connect with evil intentions. That is exactly what Erika has done to a variety of fellas. She knows how much it hurts, but it doesn't prevent this lady from using this dangerous weapon when the need arises. Fans of powerful, thick arms and a sweet, gentle smile will adore Erika.

Leia and Risa have been profiled before and are two of the most enjoyable, hardcore, devious ball-busters you will find anywhere. These women know all of the ins and outs of defeating, dominating and humiliating men by ballbusting them. Leia is a short Asian lady and Risa is a tall, powerful African-American beauty. The view of these women will make you go crazy with lust. Leia's round butt is a splendid sight and we have a couple of pics of Risa that will you will keep looking back at!

Do you like strong, skilled, sexy, dominant women? Then check out all of my offerings!

Sports & Recreation
23 April
Ken Phillips
Draft2Digital, LLC

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