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Fiona draws more attention than she would like being the only female that does hard labor on Earth’s dusty, bone-dry colony, a planet called Providence. But she’s just been plucked from her family’s farm and dropped into a military camp where no girl has ever served as a soldier before. Expected to fulfill the training required of all seventeen year old males her age, Fiona is forced to rely on her format, a group of twelve teammates. With one imposing leader, an alien, some troublemakers, and a handful of misfits for mates, can she find her place?

A teen science fiction and romance, Fledge is the first novel in the Fiona Frost Trilogy.

Young Adults
3 March
Penny Greenhorn
Smashwords, Inc.

Customer Reviews

persephone/kore ,

More soon please

Short version: awesome! Read if you're a fan of Elizabeth moon (deed of paksenarrion, legacy of gird, sassenak etc) or if you like the ship who.... Books by mccaffrey. Also, one of my new favourite series amra/the thief who... By Michael McClung.

Long version: really, really love this. Love the original style setting- there's nothing new under the sun, but this HASN'T been done to death, and this especially was done well. Love this character. Her stubborn determination is awesome and inspiring. I knew it couldn't be the end for her, and I truly hope captive is well along or the waiting may drive me crazy..... Also hope somehow we see more of her mates..... I'd like to think at some stage they'll be reunited, maybe to work together as an elite team (they do compliment each other well) although I'm not the author and they may not fit together so well after their experiences in advanced training and life....

Thank you for writing this (its a lot of effort to put in for a book I devoured in a few hours...... But loved every moment of, and may well dream about)

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