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This first of five novels in the Niven/Lerner "Fleet of Worlds" series, FLEET OF WORLDS is a prequel to Larry Niven's bestselling classic RINGWORLD and is set in his celebrated "Known Space" universe, 200 years before the discovery of Ringworld.


For over 500 years, humans colonists have been toiling on one of the alien Puppeteer's satellite worlds, informed by their strange two-headed masters (first introduced by Niven in RINGWORLD) that the Puppeteers -- or Citizens, as they call themselves -- rescued the colonists' ancestors from certain death.


When the Citizens discover that a chain reaction at the galaxy's core has released lethal waves of radiation, they flee, along with their satellite planets, including the one holding the human descendants.  Kirsten and a few other select humans, under the watchful eye of the Puppeteer Nessus, are then sent on an exploratory journey.  During this trip, Kirsten and others discover that the "history" they were taught about their ancestors and their alien masters is far from the truth.  A rebellion ensues.


"Niven, winner of multiple Hugo and Nebula awards, and Lerner (Probe) offer a lively prequel to Niven's 1970 classic, Ringworld." 

- Publishers Weekly


"A far-future SF mystery/adventure set two centuries before the discovery of the Ringworld by humans ... Intriguing human and alien characters and lucid scientific detail."

- Library Journal


“A new Known Space book, particularly one with new information about Puppeteers and their doings behind the scenes of human history, needs recommending within the science fiction community about as much as a new Harry Potter novel does, well, anywhere. But Niven and Lerner have produced a novel that can stand on its own as well as part of the Known Space franchise.”

- Locus


"Exceptional freshness and suspense ... full of startling revelations about human and puppeteer politics."

- Booklist


"Great story-telling is still alive in science fiction because of Larry Niven, and his finest work is the Ringworld series."

- Orson Scott Card

LARRY NIVEN: www.larryniven.net

EDWARD M. LERNER: www.edwardmlerner.com

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
28 January
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Spectrum Literary Agency, Inc.

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