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A deluded mother who invented her past, an alcoholic father who couldn't deal with the present, a son who wondered if this could really be his family.

Richard Glover's favourite dinner party game is called 'Who's Got the Weirdest Parents?'. It's a game he always thinks he'll win. There was his mother, a deluded snob, who made up large swathes of her past and who ran away with Richard's English teacher, a Tolkien devotee, nudist and stuffed-toy collector. There was his father, a distant alcoholic, who ran through a gamut of wives, yachts and failed dreams. And there was Richard himself, a confused teenager, vulnerable to strange men, trying to find a family he could belong to. As he eventually accepted, the only way to make sense of the present was to go back to the past - but beware of what you might find there. Truth can leave wounds - even if they are only flesh wounds.

Part poignant family memoir, part hopeful search for the truth, this is a book for anyone who's wondered if their family is the oddest one on the planet. The answer: 'No'. There is always something stranger out there.


'Both poignant and wildly entertaining' - Sydney Morning Herald
'A new classic ... a breathtaking accomplishment in style and empathy' - The Australian

'Heartbreaking and hilarious ... I couldn't put it down' - Sun Herald

'Engrossing and extremely funny'- The Saturday Paper

'Not since Unreliable Memoirs by Clive James has there been a funnier, more poignant portrait of an Australian childhood.' - Australian Financial Review

'Sad, funny, revealing, optimistic and hopeful' - Jeanette Winterson

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1 September
ABC Books
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Customer Reviews

candia ,

Funny, thoroughly enjoyed reading it

I loved reading this book. I felt it was written the way Richard talks on his radio show, so the entire time I was reading it in Richards voice. Thoroughly enjoyed it! You never know what people have been through.

Chrissymvw ,

Flesh Wounds, Richard Glover

I discovered this book in a Facebook comment regarding the top Book Club reads by a friend Michelle.

What a fantastic mix of humour and the harsh reality of growing up with very quirky parents.

It was also so refreshing to read a childhood story without the " woe is me " element".

I have not belly laughed like this for ages!

I left this book with a greater appreciation of my loving, but quirky parents.

Thank you Richard

Rampant Knight ,

Flesh Wounds

Too good to be so brief - a book for every human no matter what your parents were (or seemed to be ) like.

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