Focus on Your Strengths

How to Develop Talent Into Strength

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Were you bullied at school, felt anxious about your job or worried about relationships. You could be failing at school, stuck in a dead end job, unhappy at home, divorced, retired or lonely? Maybe you or one of your loved ones have experienced the debilitating effect of depression. 

At a time when society compels us to look at what we do wrong, dwell on mistakes and work tirelessly to fix our weaknesses, perhaps it's time to redirect your focus.

Depression, stress and anxiety happens to the best of us; celebrities, professional athletes, teenagers, CEOs, managers, people from all walks of life, experience the same. However, many try to hide it. They ignore early warning signs, push their feelings down deep and cap them. This goes on until everything becomes too much and life implodes (or explodes). The long term effects can be devastating.  

The good news is, you’re not alone and, there is a solution.

You can consider a more positive way of thinking, feeling and behaving. Imagine what would happen if you paid more attention to what you do well? You could focus on what you enjoy and, what energizes you.

It’s time to be accepted for who you are, bring out your talents and become the best version of you. Whoever you are.

Too often, people accept average. They choose to stay under the radar and escape the ‘tall poppy syndrome’. For some, this means living in isolation, wearing masks or pretending to be something they’re not.

What would happen if they began to focus on their strengths? 

Have you faced fear, anxiety and judgement? You want to fit in, but don’t. Living up to someone else’s expectation of who you should be can be exhausting. If you are not accepted or appreciated for being unique and true to yourself, resentment builds up and relationships suffer. 

What if people began to see and accept each other for who they really are. The first step is truely understanding who you are. What are your drivers, your motivations? What do you need so you can give others what they need?

A Strengths-based approach offers a paradigm shift - a completely different way of thinking, feeling and behaving. By focusing on your strengths you enter into a whole new world of expression. You will find your voice and feel confident saying what you need to say. You can be yourself. 


The answer is to identify your talents and develop them into strengths.

Who this Guide/Course is for


Teenagers between 14-19 years of age often feel unheard. In their search for identity, they often rebel against the ones they love. Focusing on strengths gives teenagers the tools to discover the adult they want to be. The language of strengths opens communication pathways for families to overcome troubling times, especially during these rebellious years. Parents and teens gain greater awareness of study habits, social acceptance and career selection.

Relationships at home

It’s often said men and women come from different planets. However differing perspectives are true for all humans, regardless of sex. Whether you’re in a new relationship, long term marriage or finding yourself on rocky ground, understanding each others talents and how you think, feel and behave, gives you an awareness of who you are as an individual. You will find that language of love and understanding. Knowing each others strengths offers understanding and acceptance. It allows for better communication and caring for each other. It’s never too late to improve your relationship and by focusing on each others strengths.


You may have chosen a career path in your teens, based on success or failures at school. Was your decision influenced by those around you more than personal choice? Whether you’re looking for a career, wanting to advance through the ranks or even stuck in a dead end job, knowing and understanding your strengths offers purpose. Identifying your innate talents gives you the pathway. You can understand How to best achieve success. This guide will not tell you what to do, it will share insight on how you may do it successfully.


What sets you apart from the amateurs because talent alone will not get you there. In the sporting industry talent is defined as an aptitude or skill. Elite athletes are judged by their actions and behaviours. However, to become a professional (or semi) sports man or woman you require more than talent. Athletes need to manage their thoughts, emotions and actions. You must apply skills and knowledge to develop the strengths to succeed. Using this guide you will understand what separates you from the rest - even in a team environment. Developing your talents into strengths will give the edge required to become the athlete you want to be.


If you’ve finished your career you may be wondering, what’s next? There’s a chance you’ve been defined by who and what you were at work. Retirement can be a daunting experience and one very difficult to prepare for, regardless of the industry you were in. For many, a job gave them purpose and upon retirement that sense of fulfilment is often gone. However, you’re more than a position in a company or team. You’re an individual and if you’re looking for life after work, knowing and understanding your innate talents will give you hope and energy for the next chapter of your life. 

Having the life of your choice all starts with knowing who you are, where you are, and how you can move forward. The simplest way to start this journey is to identify your talents. Then as you begin applying skills and knowledge to develop those talents, you’ll start seeing how life is much easier when you are in moments of flow. At these times your talents become Strengths and you know you are doing what you were born to do.  

Imagine how you feel when you do something you love. Now how empowering is it to think about behaving that way more consistently, everyday? You see a talent is defined as our natural thoughts, emotions and behaviours. In other words how we think, feel and act.

All you have to do is Focus On Your Strengths and learn How to Develop Talents into Strengths. The objective is to live a life through your talents and strengths more often.

Body, Mind & Spirit
21 May
This Is My Time Pty Ltd
This Is My Time Pty Ltd

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Chazmo-b-d ,

Developed by true professionals who know their stuff!

I have been working in the Learning and Development field for 10 years, I hold degrees in L & D and Psychology, and, give my absolute 100% support for this book and cannot speak more highly of the authors and the content, Success is achieved by developing our strengths, not by eliminating our weaknesses, and, this book supports that wholehearted by giving you the skills and knowledge to be able to identify and develop the strengths in your life.

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