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Angharad Morson is a fine arts consultant at a gallery in Boston. Until recently, she had been in a relationship with Bryce Davis, a well-respected art historian, and shared an apartment with him n Sydney's Rose Bay. Angharad had worked hard to get her dream job in Boston, part of the plan to separate from Bryce and create a new life in America. She had adjusted to the impending break, after learning Bryce would never be a man who could commit to one woman.
The week before she was due to leave for Boston, Bryce was murdered in London, where he had just arrived to assist with an exhibition of Australian Impressionist painters. One of the paintings he had brought to London from Sydney, a Streeton landscape, was also found to be a forgery, and the scandal had rocked the art world. After the initial drama had quietened, Angharad decided to follow through with her flight to Boston, unnerved as she was by Bryce's murder and the possibility that he could have been involved with art theft and forgery — something she fought against believing.
On arrival in London, Angharad learned that there were no new clues as to who murdered Bryce or how the forgery and theft of the Streeton had been able to happen. Angharad's initial meeting with Dave Faulkner at Scotland Yard had given her hope the painting could still be found, but there had been no progress on the murder investigations.
Her meeting at the gallery the paintings had been shipped to, and where the forgery was discovered, did not provide any breakthroughs, but as she was leaving she saw two people who were linked to both the gallery and Bryce - the girl he spent his last night with and a colleague at the gallery. She later identified the colleague, the girl's ex-boyfriend, and this provided the clues to finally discovering the reason for Bryce's death. Angharad was also amazed to learn the painting had also been found, and this allowed her to plan her return to her position in Boston. Having always struggled with cold weather, Angharad plans to celebrate by buying a warm London overcoat, ready to cope with the weather in chilly Boston.

Crime & Thrillers
4 November
Helen Jones
Smashwords, Inc.

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