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(Book 1 in the 'Forever Series')

Every so often someone special comes in to your life and it is so monumental that it marks time. It’s like a date is forever imprinted on your heart. After that, everything before pales in comparison and you wonder what you ever did without them….

Feeling the need for a change in life, Ava Lucas boards a plane for LA to work with her movie star sister. After making a vow to steer clear of men while she is there, she comes face to face with danger and temptation - all wrapped up in a 6 foot, blue-eyed, smoking-hot package. Her promise to herself is compromised as soon as she locks eyes with her sister’s gorgeous co-star, but already knowing his reputation with women, can she resist?

Ethan Drake is Hollywood royalty. Hot and charismatic. A total player. He sets his sights on Ava from the moment he lays eyes on her and what starts as a conquest turns in to more as she manages to chip away at the walls he has built over the years to protect his heart.

Can Ava resist the powerful lure of Ethan and stay true to her promise? Can Ethan bury his demons and turn his back on his playboy ways to convince Ava to be his?

29 June
Wendy Louise
Smashwords, Inc.

Customer Reviews

Aggi73 ,

Loved it

I read this whole book whilst on a 10 hour flight from Hawaii to Sydney. I couldn't put it down. A must read.

Chrissyjce ,

💜Forever Is Mine💜

WOW!! I sooo LOVED da book. I couldn't put it down!
I wonder what Ethan Drake looks like, in my thoughts at first I was a bit 'ehhh a player' celebrity upside down but when Ava came to his life (thx to Liv) he's a total different guy. Life has changed. An intelligent hot man perfect for Ava. Different, couraging unlike other celebs ( in da story) This book is wonderful, emotional, everything was perfect then Nanny Grace passed away. And Ava runned, she thought Ethan was cheating on her like Cole😭 I admit I cried n I was totally shocked Ethan to Madelline was his sister!! 😱 I didn't like here. His family was total wrecked but gladly I think they've changed and complete family.

Liv in the other side!...Grayson. They would make a good couple.👏🏼❤️ Living the celebrity life, paparazzi! 😎....Its good to be a celebrity someday I think but Dont ya hate the fact photographers take pictures on u especially when u need privacy! Lol

Then the special moment that everyone wished for when it comes. 😂 Ethan proposed to Ava at their Engagement celebration. Perfect song choice 'marry me' Jason Derulo i ❤️ him.So greatfully happy their back together, marriage n will have a wonderful family soon 😂 I cried joyfully. Someday I will have that in forgettable moment, Lol!. A perfect matural respectful guy with a bright side future. I love how both characters has their point of view. I live em all!! It's good to hear Liv point of view to Grayson soon. 'Forever is Yours' nest book can't wait!!👏🏼👏🏼😂❤️ 5 stars

Angel noonan ,

Best book

This book is so amazing, you feel as though you are there on the side lines watching, I love it

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